Expandable Sink Storage Rack

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  • Multifunctional

  • Easy to install

  • Several colors

  • Adjustable

  • Free flow

Say goodbye to the hassle of storing your kitchen cleaning tools with this expandable kitchen storage rack.

Support de rangement pour évier - Support de rangement extensible pour évier - Support de vidange pour évier  - Ozerty

Multifunctional storage shelf

Finding the perfect container for your kitchen "tools" is quite a difficult task, isn't it? Many have explored the possibility of using a bowl to house their scrubbing utensils, dishwashing liquid, brush, etc. If you've tried this too, you know the problem of using a bowl. It retains water too quickly. You definitely don't want your cooking utensils to stay in water all the time. They will quickly rust or mold.
What if there was a perfect solution to this problem? The solution, of course, is this sink storage rack. This storage rack can help you keep your cleaning equipment dry. How? The drain pan is large enough to accommodate your cleaning equipment . Additionally, the drain holes are evenly spaced and well ventilated, allowing water to drain safely from the bottom. This, in turn, ensures that your sponges and cloths dry completely.

Expandable Sink Storage Rack - Multifunctional Storage Shelf - Ozerty

Includes a convenient towel rack

You're probably thinking, "Okay, that's great and all. But I'm still missing a storage location. How am I going to store my rags and towels?" Again, the answer to this question is this same sink storage rack. This practical storage rack is also an effective towel rack ! The rack's sleek and efficient design allows you to hang and dry towels in an orderly manner. This ensures that your towels and damp cloths are properly dried and ventilated at all times.

Support de rangement extensible pour évier - Comprend un porte-serviettes pratique - Ozerty

Easy to install

This adjustable kitchen storage shelf is practical and easy to install . This makes it a great DIY project. The stand is also designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning. Once installed, the buckle remains firm, and it will not move from its place.

Support de rangement extensible pour évier - Facile à installer - Ozerty

Adjustable size

This extendable sink rack has a feature that makes it an essential and very attractive tool. This feature is the adjustable size of the support. Often people have problems installing tools or appliances in various parts of their home. Most often, these problems are related to the size of the installed object. It's either too big or too small. This sink rack, however, is designed to be very adjustable .

This means you won't have to deal with any installation issues. Indeed, this sink storage rack has an expandable design that helps it meet a variety of needs. The size of the bracket can be easily adjusted by lengthening or shortening the bracket . This ensures that it fits the size of your sink perfectly, regardless of its length. Of course, this convenient expandability also means an increase or decrease in storage capacity, depending on the size of your sink and your preferences.

Support de rangement extensible pour évier - Taille ajustable - Ozerty

Available in several colors

This extendable kitchen sink rack is also available in several different colors . This means you can choose a color option that perfectly matches your kitchen aesthetic. Functionality and style come together in one product. It's great, right?

Support de rangement extensible pour évier - Disponible en plusieurs couleurs - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Plastic
  • Product size: Before expansion, 32 x 27 x 6 cm; after expansion, 45 x 27 x 6 cm.
  • Colors: green, red, blue and yellow.
Support de rangement extensible pour évier - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

1 x Extendable Sink Rack

Support de rangement extensible pour évier - Package - Ozerty

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