Hands-free hair dryer holder

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Conveniently care for your hair and ensure you never get hurt while using your hair dryer with this hands-free stand.

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Hands-free drying

Have you ever dried your hair and your arm became sore while holding the hairdryer? Or you may have burned your hand after using the hair dryer for a while. Maybe you bathe and dry your pet. It can be difficult to hold your pet and the hair dryer at the same time! If you have experienced these situations, this hair dryer holder will be perfect for you! Mount it on the wall and put your hairdryer on it. You can dry your hair just by standing in front of it ! It's so easy to dry the back of your hair like that. And when you want to dry your pet, it's easy to move the rack with its suction cup to a lower location on the wall. Have both hands free to hold your pet after bathing!

Hands-free hair dryer holder - Hands-free drying - Ozerty


There are many types of hair dryers, and these hair dryers come in different shapes and sizes. This means that finding the ideal hair dryer holder can be quite difficult, especially if you have more than one hair dryer. If you're looking for the perfect fit, this suction hair dryer holder is just what you need. Its design is very adjustable and allows it to securely hold different types of hair dryers, regardless of their size. So you no longer have to spend money on different types of hair dryer holders, this one is all you need.

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Made from high quality materials

It would be quite embarrassing if a holder designed to hold your hair dryer securely and make your hair care more convenient did not live up to its performance. When tools or devices disappoint in performance, the fault is usually due to the type and quality of materials with which they are made.

To avoid these problems and ensure you have a sturdy and durable tool, this suction cup holder for your hair dryer is made with high quality materials . This ensures that it will not break easily and stick to the wall firmly. There are also soft sponges in the clips that ensure your hair dryer will be safe.

Support à mains-libres pour sèche-cheveux - Fabriqué à partir de matériaux de haute qualité - Ozerty

Use your hair dryer safely

Safety is paramount when using any object, electrical or not. This also applies to hair dryers. How? Hair dryers often get too hot to handle with your hands, especially when you use them for long periods of time. To be able to use your hair dryer safely in these conditions, you must find a way to use it without touching it. However, with this hair dryer holder you already have the perfect solution. By using this hair dryer holder, you will not need to put your fingers and hands in danger of burning. You can simply place it in the holder and have your hands free !

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Easy to install

This hands-free hair dryer holder is very easy to install . To install it, simply follow the steps below:
- Place the hair dryer suction cup holder at the correct height on the wall.
- Pull the small lever down to engage the suction.
- Place your hair dryer between the clips, and tighten them if necessary.
- Rotate the stand to an angle that suits you.
So simple, right? Now you can take care of your hair safely and conveniently.

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Technical characteristics :

  • Material: PP
  • Size: 13 x 8 x 9cm
  • Installation Type: Wall Mount
    Support à mains-libres pour sèche-cheveux - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Hairdryer Holder with Suction Cup

    Support à mains-libres pour sèche-cheveux - Package - Ozerty

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