Orthopedic insoles for flat feet

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  • Four-point support design

  • Balanced support

  • Hollow heel area

  • Premium material

  • All types of shoes

Improve the alignment of your feet and legs and increase your comfort if you have flat feet by wearing these orthotic arch insoles.

Soutien de la voûte plantaire pour pieds plats │ Semelles orthopédiques pour pieds plats│ Support pour pied - Ozerty

Support for flat feet

Our feet work very hard every day. They undergo various tensions and carry the weight of our entire body. Body posture and spinal health are directly linked to the condition of our feet. If you suffer from flat feet or plantar fasciitis, then arch support tools can provide comfortable stability to your feet during your daily activities.

Improve the alignment of your feet and legs with these insoles designed to reduce pressure on the feet, strengthening the arch profile .

Orthopedic insoles for flat feet - Support for flat feet - Ozerty

A design with balanced support

Feel comfortable and improve your posture by wearing these orthopedic insoles thanks to their ergonomic design . Their rounded profile is anatomically adapted to the natural shape of the foot and can help balance pressure on the feet and calves from all directions.

The arch support area is designed to restore arch curvature and provide cushioning. Lateral arch support should gently cushion the sole, improving circulation . The lateral arch support should help shape the foot and keep it in the correct place in your shoe, while the heel arch support is designed to reduce impact .

Semelles orthopédiques pour pieds plats - Un design au support équilibré - Ozerty

Additional heel protection

Our heels are quite small, and yet every day they have to endure considerable forces. When we walk, the entire weight of the body rests on one heel at a time. Relieve your heels, joints and ligaments while maintaining your calcaneus in a neutral position thanks to the hollow heel area integrated into these insoles and their U-shaped wrap.
These insoles were designed to reduce friction between the heel and the shoe, as well as reduce damage to bones and tendons.

Semelles orthopédiques pour pieds plats - Protection supplémentaire du talon - Ozerty

Premium material

Made of high quality TPR material , these insoles have high impact resistance, good tear and abrasion resistance and good elasticity. All these features make it a perfect addition to your shoes. These orthotic insoles are designed with therapeutic properties that reduce friction , help keep feet cool, dry, and prevent odor and pain. Designed for intense use, these insoles are flexible and lightweight, and provide excellent support and comfort throughout the day.

Semelles orthopédiques pour pieds plats - Matériau de première qualité - Ozerty

For daily use

Foot comfort and pain relief for those suffering from flat feet or plantar fasciitis is not a luxury. It's a necessity, regardless of your activity and the type of shoes you wear. Designed for everyday use, these insoles can be slipped into all types of shoes, athletic or dress shoes, including high heels, work boots, dress shoes and sneakers.

Buy just one pair and wear it every day, with all types of shoes . Choose from two colors and multiple sizes available and get the comfort your feet need every day.

Semelles orthopédiques pour pieds plats - Pour un usage quotidien - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: TPR
Semelles orthopédiques pour pieds plats - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

1 x Pair of orthopedic insoles for flat feet

Semelles orthopédiques pour pieds plats - Package - Ozerty

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Orthopedic insoles for flat feet


absolutely useless

Gianfranco Montingelli

Solette ortopediche per piedi piatti

Khatra M hussein

Ortopædiske indlægssåler til flade fødder

Christine James
Orthopaedic insoles

Fits comfortably but wished the arched section was slightly hugger. Arrived in good time.

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