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  • Absorbent

  • Reusable and durable

  • Exact fit

  • Washable and recyclable

  • Light

You deserve the best cleaning materials. And of course, not just one.

Serpillières de remplacement | Paquet 3pcs / 5pcs - Ozerty


This replacement mop is best suited to replace your mop head. It comes with excellent packaging and a reasonable price. Plus, its quality can last for years thanks to its built-in durable materials and design. It can be easily washed or recycled, so don't worry about owning many replacement mop parts.

Replacement mop 3pcs - Economical - Ozerty

Quick cleaning

This replacement mop can help you reduce the hours you spend cleaning your home. In addition, it quickly absorbs liquid and solid stains. Plus, it has quick hydration after washing it off! You don't need to wait for your mops to dry because you have these replacement mop heads.

Serpillière de remplacement 3pcs - Nettoyage rapide - Ozerty


You can get a high-quality replacement mop at an affordable price and in exceptional packaging. This replacement mop is reasonably priced and worthy of your money and time. Keep your floor hygienic regularly and maintain a smooth, dry area. You can choose your package! You can choose your package! You can purchase either 3 pieces or 5 pieces.

Serpillière de remplacement 3pcs - Abordable - Ozerty

Lightweight design

This replacement mop is designed and constructed to care for your floor surfaces. Apart from that, it is made with lightweight material, which allows you to mop and clean the area without feeling exhausted. Additionally, it is constructed with soft fabric, which prevents excessive pressure on your floor. Plus, it has slim designs that can easily access tight dirty and stained spaces, including under the sofa and furniture. With this, you will never need to move furniture from its original location again! We guarantee that this replacement mop leaves your floor clean, dry and smooth.

Serpillière de remplacement 3pcs - Conception légère - Ozerty


This replacement mop features high-quality, soft materials. It is very suitable for cleaning and sweeping various floors, including sealed hard floors, laminate, wooden, ceramic and marble floors. Apart from that, it is also a reliable cleaning mop for windows. It can be used to easily clean stubborn dirt in high-rise windows. Its materials consist of yarn microfiber sheets which are useful in retaining an unlimited amount of dust. Since it's lightweight, you won't feel too tired reaching even your tallest windows!

Serpillière de remplacement 3pcs - Multi-usages - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Materials: microfiber fabric
  • Colors: gray
  • Size: 36x10cm
  • Dehydration rate: 90% - 100%
  • Absorption: less than 10 seconds
Serpillière de remplacement 3pcs - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

3 x replacement mops

5 x replacement mops

Serpillière de remplacement 3pcs - Package - Ozerty

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