Ab rollers with resistance bands

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  • Innovative training

  • Complete workout

  • Ultra strong

  • All levels

  • Portable

Enhance your fitness journey with this ab roller with resistance bands to improve core strength, balance and stability.

Rouleaux abdominaux avec bandes de résistance - Ozerty

Innovative training

Ab rollers with resistance bands represent an important innovation in the field of physical training. By combining the traditional benefits of ab rollers and the increased intensity of resistance bands, this device provides a complete workout. Resistance bands increase the challenge, engaging more muscle groups than a standard roller. This not only strengthens the core, but also improves balance and stability.
The bands can be adjusted to vary resistance levels, making the equipment suitable for beginners and advanced users alike.

Rouleaux abdominaux avec bandes de résistance - Entraînement innovant - Ozerty

Complete workout

This innovative fitness tool combines the core-strengthening benefits of a traditional ab roller with the added resistance of bands, increasing the intensity and effectiveness of each session. It works not only the abdominal muscles, but also the arms, shoulders and back, ensuring a balanced workout for the entire body. Adjustable resistance bands accommodate different fitness levels, allowing beginners and advanced users alike to challenge themselves appropriately.
This versatile approach to fitness ensures more holistic strengthening and toning of the body, making it an effective and versatile tool for those looking to improve their workout regime.

Rouleaux abdominaux avec bandes de résistance - Entraînement complet - Ozerty

Ultra strong

Made from high-quality materials, these rollers are designed to withstand the intense pressure and frequent use of daily workouts. The sturdy construction of the roller itself provides a stable base for abdominal exercises, while the resistance bands are made from strong, elastic materials that maintain their integrity over time without losing their elasticity. This resilience is essential for maintaining consistent resistance levels during exercises.
Additionally, the sturdy design ensures safety and reliability, giving users confidence during their workouts. Whether used at home or in a gym, these rollers are a reliable tool for everyone.

Rouleaux abdominaux avec bandes de résistance - Ultra solide - Ozerty

All levels

The Ab Roller with Resistance Bands is ingeniously designed to accommodate all fitness levels , from beginners to advanced athletes. Its versatility lies in the adjustable resistance bands, which can be easily changed to accommodate different strength levels and training intensities. This adaptability allows beginners to start with a lower resistance, which they will gradually increase as their muscular strength improves.
Meanwhile, seasoned fitness enthusiasts can increase the resistance for a more challenging workout, ensuring continued muscle engagement and development. This feature makes the abdominal roller a universally appealing fitness tool, one that adapts to the changing needs of the user during their fitness journey.

Rouleaux abdominaux avec bandes de résistance - Tous les niveaux - Ozerty

Easy to use and portable

The Ab Roller with Resistance Bands stands out for its ease of use and portability, making it an ideal fitness tool for a wide range of users. Its intuitive design allows beginners to quickly learn how to use it effectively, without the need for extensive training or practice.
Additionally, the compact size and lightweight of the abdominal roller enhance its portability. It can be easily stored in a small space or taken for on-the-go workouts, such as in a hotel room, office or outdoors. This portability allows users to maintain their fitness program wherever they are, without the need for heavy or bulky equipment.

Rouleaux abdominaux avec bandes de résistance - Facile à utiliser et portable - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: abs plastic, durable elastic rubber
  • Roller wheel height: 12 cm
  • Resistance rope: 35 - 95cm
  • Color: black and green
  • Net weight: 1kg
    Rouleaux abdominaux avec bandes de résistance - Caractéristiques techniques - Ozerty

    Product Content:

    1x Ab Wheels with Resistance Bands and Floor Mat

    Rouleaux abdominaux avec bandes de résistance - Contenu du produit - Ozerty

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