Ionic air purifier

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  • Reduces air pollution

  • Light and mobile

  • Two charging options

  • No filter to replace

  • Easy to use

Make sure the air in your car and home is always clean, fresh and germ-free with this ionic air purifier.

Purificateur d'air ionique | Rafraîchisseur d'air pour voiture | Filtre à air ionique - Ozerty

Reduces air pollution

There is nothing strange or new about air pollution. On the contrary, it is a very real and present element of our daily lives. Many toxic and poisonous fumes are generated daily in the environment. These fumes can harm human health. Additionally, many diseases are airborne and can move from one place to another. You should know that the average human being inhales around 8,000 liters of air per day. It's a lot ! This is why the importance of having access to clean, fresh air cannot be overemphasized.
However, there is no need to break the bank or lug around oxygen tanks to have access to clean, fresh air. Ionic purifiers are a cheaper and more effective alternative. Ionic air purifiers can be used to remove smoke, bad odors, dust, irritants and mold from your environment. This gives you access to the clean, fresh air you need.

Ionic air purifier - Reduces air pollution - Ozerty

Light and mobile

Oxygen cylinders are quite heavy and generally difficult to transport. Oxygen cylinders weigh from 10 kg. Although they give you access to clean air, their weight and size make them not truly portable. However, access to fresh, unpolluted air is not necessarily a disadvantage. If you have an ionic air filter. Ionic air filters are lightweight devices that you can use to eliminate most forms of air pollution in your environment.
This device doesn't weigh that much. It weighs only 305g. This small and compact design contributes to the high mobility of the ionic air purifier.

Purificateur d'air ionique - Léger et mobile - Ozerty

Two charging options

We've probably all had times where we need to charge a device, but we've forgotten the charger at home or at work. These sticky situations can be quite annoying, right? What if it was possible to charge your device another way? That would be great, right? This awesomeness is exactly what you benefit from by purchasing this ionic air purifier.
The air purifier supports two charging options, USB and cigarette lighter. This ensures that you always have a charging option available.

Purificateur d'air ionique - Deux options de charge - Ozerty


As we already mentioned, the low weight and compact size of the air purifier contribute to its mobility. These factors also contribute to its versatility. As the device is easy to carry, you will have access to clean, fresh air wherever you are.
The air purifier can be used at home, at work, and even in the car! Additionally, its filter-less design ensures that no internal cleaning is necessary.

Purificateur d'air ionique - Polyvalent - Ozerty

Easy to use

The air purifier is also extremely easy to use. With just the press of a button, you have access to clean, germ-free air. This is thanks to the purifier's multi-core technology. A simple press of the button activates the 8 million anion generator, which releases anions with strong absorption properties. The released anions affect purification and overall improve air quality.

Purificateur d'air ionique - Facile à utiliser - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Materials: metal + electrical component
  • Black color
  • Cable plug: cigarette lighter
  • Location: USB + micro USB
  • Size: 6.5cm x 15.4cm (2.55in x 6.05in)
  • Net weight: 305g (10.76oz)
Purificateur d'air ionique - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

1 x Ionic Air Purifier

Purificateur d'air ionique - Package - Ozerty

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