Wind Resistant LED Umbrella for Rain and Sun

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  • Easy to use

  • Quality construction

  • Extra-large space umbrella

  • Total protection

  • Night lighting

Give yourself the best possible protection from sun and rain with this wind-resistant LED umbrella for rain and sun!

Parapluie à LED résistant au vent pour la pluie et le soleil - Parapluie à LED - Ozerty

Easy to use

Few things make a device/tool ​​more attractive than easy and convenient to use. When the object in question is an umbrella, this is even more true. No one wants to use an umbrella that is complicated to operate.
Umbrellas should be portable, the right size, weight, and easy to use . In other words, umbrellas should be like this. This wind-resistant umbrella has only one button. This button controls the opening and closing of the umbrella to minimize stress. The umbrella is also perfectly portable, so it's easy to carry around.

Whether you're getting in or out of a car, you probably won't have any problems with this umbrella.

Wind Resistant LED Umbrella for Rain and Sun - Easy to Use - Ozerty

Quality construction

Any umbrella that will be perfect for use in sunny or rainy conditions should be made with the best materials. Otherwise, it may be damaged by rain, cause leaks and wear out faster than it should. Therefore, build quality is usually the defining characteristic of different products. This also applies to umbrellas. This umbrella has a 10-bone frame to ensure your safety and comfort.
The structure is made from a very dense, corrosion-resistant material, with a reinforced composite treatment at the joints. This makes the umbrella wind-resistant and gives it optimal flexibility.

Parapluie à LED résistant au vent pour la pluie et le soleil   - Construction de qualité - Ozerty

Extra-large space umbrella

Have you ever been in that uncomfortable situation where your umbrella never seems to be able to protect you from the rain or the sun? Or maybe you had to share an umbrella with someone, and the protection the umbrella offered wasn't adequate. In this case, you should pay attention to this point, and you have just found your solution. This umbrella has an extra-large design, and this helps increase the protection area from sun and rain.
With this accessory you can walk safely in the rain or in the sun. Thanks to the extra-large cover design, you can even afford to share it with a friend or partner.

Parapluie à LED résistant au vent pour la pluie et le soleil   - Parapluie à espace extra-large - Ozerty

Total protection

Umbrellas protect against rain, sun and some other adverse weather conditions. Different types of umbrellas are often used for different situations. With this umbrella, however, you get complete protection . The umbrella is wind, rain/water, and UV resistant. This, of course, makes it perfectly suited to all weather conditions.

Whether it's raining or sunny, this umbrella has you covered.

Parapluie à LED résistant au vent pour la pluie et le soleil   - Protection totale - Ozerty

Night lighting

Ready? No, you are not! Take a look when you think you know everything about umbrellas. In addition to being usable in almost all weather conditions, this umbrella can also be used at any time of the day . Yes, you read correctly. Anytime! How? Well, the umbrella also has a built-in torch. The torch is durable and runs on replaceable batteries. So you can change them when they are weak.

Now you can take those evening walks you've always wanted to do without worrying about rain or not being able to see.

Parapluie à LED résistant au vent pour la pluie et le soleil   - Éclairage de nuit - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Materials: Fabric+Metal
  • Battery: Built-in button battery
  • Power Source: Button Battery
  • Torch: LED
Parapluie à LED résistant au vent pour la pluie et le soleil   - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

1 x LED Umbrella

Parapluie à LED résistant au vent pour la pluie et le soleil   - Package - Ozerty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
2nd attempt

Good enough to their word Ozerty replaced the broken item received. Appears to be well made although not used in anger as yet.

Agostino Guidetti

Tutto bene.

Charles Anderson

I have severe sensory nerve pain from major spinal cord surgery and cannot have
direct wind or sunlight to reach any exposed skin. This new umbrella does a great
Job keeping the direct rays off my skin.

Christopher Gingrich


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