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  • Excellent design

  • Easy to use

  • Quality manufacturing

  • Food compatible

  • Versatile

Perfectly crack your eggs and avoid getting shells in your egg mixture with this excellent shell opener.

Ouvreur de coquilles d'oeufs à double tête - Ciseaux uniques pour coquilles d'oeufs - Excellent ouvreur de coquilles d'oeufs - Ozerty

The Perfect Egg Opener

Do you cook? Do you like to eat eggs? You probably know about a very common problem in the process of eating eggs: pieces of eggshell in the egg mixture. Sometimes, despite all your caution when trying to crack the egg, you end up with bits of eggshell in your egg mixture. It can be quite annoying when you're enjoying a plate of eggs and suddenly, CRUNCH! An eggshell falls.
However, with this perfect egg opener, you will be able to open eggs perfectly and smoothly without any worry about the shells ending up in your food.

Eggshell Opener - The Perfect Egg Opener - Ozerty

Easy to use

You might be thinking, "sure, this tool is going to help me improve my cooking experience, but it looks so fancy. Will it be easy to use?" The answer to this question is yes! While it's true that this perfect egg opener has a somewhat unique design that separates it from the rest, it's this design that makes it faster and more convenient . To use it, simply follow the steps below:
- Place the egg opener on top of your egg.
- Pull the other part of the egg opener up, then let it fall. Repeat the operation between 1 and 3 times.
- Then simply remove the egg opener and carefully remove the top of the already cut egg.
So! Your perfectly cut egg is ready to use.

Ouvreur de coquilles d'oeufs - Facile à utiliser - Ozerty

Quality manufacturing

The next question that will come to your mind will probably be something like: "Okay, it's a great kitchen tool. But how long will it last? Is it well made?" Once again, the answer is YES! This excellent egg opener is made with high quality materials that ensure it remains sturdy and durable. The quality of this egg opener also makes it resistant to deformation from corrosion and high temperatures. So you could use this amazing kitchen tool for long periods of time without worrying about replacing it.

Ouvreur de coquilles d'oeufs - Fabrication de qualité - Ozerty

Food compatible

It is important that any kitchen tool that comes into contact with your food is certified safe. This is because some kitchen appliances (especially lower quality ones) are made with poor quality materials that can leach into your food and contaminate it, potentially making it unsafe to eat.

However, this tool is certified food safe thanks to its design with high-quality materials. So you have no reason to worry. The tool is also easy to wash, making it perfectly reusable .

Ouvreur de coquilles d'oeufs - Compatible avec les aliments - Ozerty


Cracking eggs can be a very tricky task because eggs come in many different sizes and thicknesses. This means that the force you need to crack one egg might be too much for another egg. Unfortunately, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to know how strong an eggshell is beforehand.
Yet this eggshell opener is the perfect tool for this purpose. This is because it is very versatile . That is to say, you can use it to perfectly open several different types of eggs with ease!

Ouvreur de coquilles d'oeufs - Polyvalent - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Silver color
  • Length: 8cm
  • Small diameter: 2.5cm
  • Large diameter: 3.5cm
    Ouvreur de coquilles d'oeufs - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Double-headed eggshell opener

    Ouvreur de coquilles d'oeufs - Package - Ozerty

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