Dual-function scribing tool for woodworking

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  • Improved accuracy

  • Dual function

  • Quality manufacturing

  • A versatile tool

  • Easy to use

Enjoy greater accuracy and precision in measurements and improve the overall quality of your work with this dual-function woodworking scribing tool.

Outil de traçage à arc linéaire pour le travail du bois - Outil de traçage à double fonction pour le travail du bois - Outil de mesure et de dessin pour le travail du bois. - Ozerty

Improved accuracy

Have you ever tried cutting a piece of wood to achieve a specific shape or size you desire? If so, you've probably had experiences where the final product is or appears to be a different shape or size, far from your original intention. You probably cut the wood according to your measurements, so the problem most likely lies in the accuracy of those measurements.

If you're looking to improve the accuracy of your measurements and, by extension, the quality of your work overall, this woodworking measuring tool is exactly what you need. This tool has a design that ensures that all your measurements, including curves, will be accurate and precise .

Dual-Function Woodworking Scribing Tool - Improved Accuracy - Ozerty

Dual function

Curves are difficult to draw accurately. So it's obvious how invaluable this woodworking scribing tool is. But as if that wasn't enough, this woodworking scribing tool has a dual-function design .

Which means that in addition to the fact that you can use this tool to accurately measure and draw perfect curves, you can also use it to measure and draw perfectly accurate parallel or straight lines! This means you won't have to look for another tool to improve your accuracy in drawing straight lines. With this tool you have everything you need!

Outil de traçage à double fonction pour le travail du bois - Double fonction - Ozerty

Quality manufacturing

It is important that all your tools and equipment are of the highest quality possible. However, it is arguably even more important that the tools you use to take measurements are of this quality. This is because they have a direct impact on the manufacturing quality of other materials, so any reduction in the quality of your measurements will have a direct impact on the quality of the work you produce.

That's why this woodworking measuring tool is made of high-quality aluminum alloy . This ensures that it will not wear out easily and that you can use it safely and comfortably for long periods of time.

Outil de traçage à double fonction pour le travail du bois - Fabrication de qualité - Ozerty

Versatile tool

A great advantage of owning and using this woodworking scribing tool is that it is very versatile . This versatility means you can use this tracing tool to hold pens of different sizes . But that's not all, you can also use this tracing tool on different types of materials such as wood, iron, ceramic, acrylic, and so on! This essentially means that no matter what type of material you're working on, you'll always have access to accurate measurements.

Outil de traçage à double fonction pour le travail du bois - Outil polyvalent - Ozerty

Easy to use

It's always an added advantage when a successful and versatile tool is also easy to use. This is exactly the case with this woodworking measuring tool. To use it, follow the steps below:
- Adjust the tracing tool to the length you want.
- Secure your pencil in the available clamp space and tighten the clamp until your pen is securely held.
- Then just draw!
So easy, right?

Outil de traçage à double fonction pour le travail du bois - Facile à utiliser - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Silver color
  • Size: 20cm x 6cm / 7.9 x 2.3 x 2.3 inch
    Outil de traçage à double fonction pour le travail du bois - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Woodworking Linear Arc Scribing Tool

    Outil de traçage à double fonction pour le travail du bois - Package - Ozerty

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