Multi-material caulking and scraping tool

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  • Easy to use

  • Robust construction

  • For various materials

  • Multiple functions

  • Interchangeable heads

A reliable, durable and versatile tool that can help you achieve the professional finishes you're looking for, even at home!

Outil de grattage multi-matériaux | Finisseur de silicone | Outil de décapage d'adhésif de surface | Grattoir d'angle de calfeutrage - Ozerty

The finishing tool your home deserves!

Scraping tools are an essential part of any toolbox. This is especially the case if the owner of this toolbox is refinishing their own kitchen and bathroom. Finishing new bathrooms has never been easier than with this multi-material scraping and caulking tool . Don't worry about replacing it, this tool is more durable than most and should last a long time.

But one of the best qualities of this beautiful feat of modern engineering is how versatile it is! It has a lot of functions built into such a small package. It includes a stainless steel silicone and grout remover, 5 different sized corner scrapers and a straight edge caulk scraper. So let’s get started and dig deeper into what makes it better than any other similar tool.

Multi-Material Caulking and Scraping Tool - The Finishing Tool Your Home Deserves! - Ozerty

Conquer the strongest putty or darkest grout

It's a joyful occasion when you find a tool that is so good at its job. The versatility, efficiency and reliability make it an astonishing bargain. What is one of the most difficult and troublesome steps to get right when installing a new bathtub in your brand new tiled bathroom? This is to make sure your putty hasn't dried halfway up the wall with no way to remove it. So, to solve this problem, all you have to do is find the right tools for the right job . And of course, this tool is perfect for almost all scraping and finishing jobs! Even the clumsiest DIY dad can achieve a professional finish with this tool!

Outil de calfeutrage et de grattage multi-matériaux - Conquérez le mastic le plus solide ou le coulis le plus sombre - Ozerty

Master multiple materials!

You may be surprised to know that this tool is not only great for doing caulk or grout jobs in the bathroom and kitchen . It's also great for any time you need to scrape glass or tile glue. To top it off, this tool is also ideal for wallpaper work! Too often, wallpaper is left with dents that are difficult to fix, especially without tearing the wallpaper. However, you have the solution just a click away. It's the perfect tool with a specially designed head to do just that! The versatility is endless!

Outil de calfeutrage et de grattage multi-matériaux - Maîtrisez de multiples matériaux ! - Ozerty

Easy changes for faster jobs

Although it may seem unlikely to you now, there could be situations in the future where you need not one, but perhaps two or even three heads for a single job. You may be working with multiple materials involving different adhesives . You may even need to seal different degrees of angles. But that's just another reason why you need this scraping and sealing tool.

Why carry 2 or 3 different types of scrapers when you can have it all in one tidy set ? There's nothing better than having just one tool that eliminates the need to carry a lot more. Depending on how many construction or DIY projects you do, this could save you time, money and space in your toolbox (the most valuable of all!).

Outil de calfeutrage et de grattage multi-matériaux - Des changements faciles pour des travaux plus rapides - Ozerty

Let's talk about heads!

So far we have talked about the versatility, durability and reliability of this scraper. Now let's talk about the different heads. First, the scraper. The incredible design of the scraper used for stripping putty can strip not only forward, but also backward, making it useful for the less ambidextrous among us.

Aside from that, when it comes to silicone sealant jobs, there are also 5 different trowel heads to help you achieve a smooth, professional finish. And to complete the complete finishing tool, this tool also has a straight scraper. You will have everything you could need for a professional finish.

Outil de calfeutrage et de grattage multi-matériaux - Parlons des têtes! - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Length: 183 mm (extended length 204 mm)
  • Width: 45.5mm
  • Material: metal
  • Grey color
Outil de calfeutrage et de grattage multi-matériaux - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

1 x Putty Scraper and Sealing and Caulking Tool

5 x Silicone Trowel Heads (3r, 6r, 10r, 13r, 17r)

Outil de calfeutrage et de grattage multi-matériaux - Package - Ozerty

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