Portable sewing machine and sewing kit

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  • Portable and lightweight

  • Perfect for small touch-ups

  • Battery operated

  • Includes a handy sewing kit

  • Suitable for beginners and professionals

Are you tired of lugging your heavy sewing machine to your desk to fix something that will only take you 5 minutes? Don't have time to sew a garment by hand? This compact and portable sewing machine is the ideal solution and comes with a stylish sewing kit.

machine à coudre portable | machine à coudre de poche | machine à coudre à piles | kit de couture - Ozerty

Practical and easy to use

This handy portable sewing machine is perfect for simple sewing jobs. Do you want to repair curtains without dismantling them ? How about mending the bedding without dismantling the bed? You could even make alterations to your clothes while wearing them! You no longer need to use a traditional sewing machine for simple repairs. This sewing machine fits in one hand and is easy to control and use .

It is suitable for beginners who have never sewn before. Professionals can also enjoy greater flexibility in carrying out small repairs. Much faster and easier than sewing by hand, you will obtain a professional-looking sewing stitch with this machine. It's a quick solution for sewing all kinds of clothes.

Portable sewing machine and sewing kit - Practical and easy to use - Ozerty

Lightweight and portable

Weighing just under 300 grams, this handy sewing machine is easy to take with you when you travel . Have you ever had an item of clothing tear while you were on vacation? Has your bag strap ever come loose in the middle of an outdoor outing? Take this sewing machine wherever you go to be prepared for any eventuality. It comes with a cute little sewing kit containing everything you might need for quick repairs.

This little gem runs on battery . It runs on 4 regular AA batteries . No need to connect this sewing machine to a power supply, so it can be used in the blink of an eye. However, if you wish, it can also work connected to an electrical adapter (not included). This sewing machine is small enough to easily store around the house.

Machine à coudre portative et son kit de couture - Légère et portative - Ozerty

Practical sewing kit

This compact sewing kit has everything you might need to make basic repairs in one place. It includes seamstress scissors, sewing tape, needles, pins, two threaders, a seam ripper and even a thimble! The kit also contains spools of different colored thread so you can repair different colored fabrics. You'll also find a few shirt buttons, just in case. This lightweight and perfectly equipped sewing kit can be used both at home and when traveling.

Machine à coudre portative et son kit de couture - Kit de couture pratique - Ozerty

Can sew any material

The powerful motor can easily pierce several thick layers of fabric . You can sew clothing, curtain fabric, denim, canvas, leather, silk, and more. Are you a DIY enthusiast? It is perfect for DIY activities . Start using it the moment you take it out of the box! It is simple to use and comes with a user manual. After a few tries, you will be able to sew like a pro!

Use this machine for small alterations in times where it is difficult to use a normal sewing machine, such as repairing curtains for example. The thread is easy to thread because the areas through which it must pass are clearly visible. Unlike conventional sewing machines, you don't have to wind the thread in and out of the machine.

This small machine is perfect for sewing in tight spaces and for making alterations on delicate fabrics. It beats conventional sewing machines in many aspects. This machine allows you to avoid wasting time by having to redo sewing stitches by hand, which sometimes lack precision. Ideal for novices, this small sewing machine will allow you to produce straighter and cleaner stitches .

Machine à coudre portative et son kit de couture - Peut coudre n'importe quelle matière - Ozerty

Great gift idea

This portable sewing machine is definitely the perfect gift for someone you love. Do you have friends who are passionate about sewing or DIY? Maybe this is the case for your children? Do you consider that learning to sew could be a practical skill for them? And what about your teenager? Help your children develop useful skills and good work habits by teaching them to sew.

Machine à coudre portative et son kit de couture - Excellente idée de cadeau - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Dimensions of the sewing machine: length 22.5 cm | height 9 cm | weight 297 grams
  • White colour
  • Material: ABS plastic and metal
  • Requires: 4 AA batteries or power adapter (not included)
  • Dimensions of the sewing kit: length 12.5 cm | height 12 cm | width 2.5 cm
  • Black color
  • Material: polyester, plastic, metal
Machine à coudre portative et son kit de couture - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

1 x portable sewing machine

1 x sewing kit

Machine à coudre portative et son kit de couture - Package - Ozerty

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