High pressure body wash brush

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  • Scratch-free cleaning

  • Soft brush

  • Water switch

  • Durable PVC material

  • Garden hose attachment

Clean your car in minutes with this high-pressure bodywork washer brush kit.

Kit de brosse de nettoyage de voiture pliable | Brosse de nettoyage de véhicule - Ozerty

Versatile cleaning brush

Water is not enough to clean surfaces and remove dirt. This car wash kit is not only practical, but also functional. Very complete you will have a brush and a handle facilitating access to difficult areas, a universal connector for garden hoses as well as a foamer bottle . This washing kit alone is enough to clean cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles. You can also use it to clean your floors, tiles, flooring, solar panels, driveways, windows and other surfaces or objects.

Foldable Car Wash Brush Kit - Multi-Purpose Cleaning Brush - Ozerty

Anti-scratch bristles

Unlike other standard car brushes, the bristles of this retractable brush are soft and will not damage your vehicle's paint while washing. The bristles of this 19cm x 6.5cm brush are also durable and will not deform even when used forcefully on hard-to-reach areas such as wheel arches, rims, floor and car corners. other cramped places.

Kit de brosse de nettoyage pliable pour voiture - Poils anti-rayures - Ozerty

Removable foam bottle and water switch

The long handle retractable car wash sprayer comes with a foam pot and a water flow switch . With this cleaner container, you can insert your cleaning fluid and quickly get the foam you need to clean your car. The foam makes it much easier to clean the dirty surface for a better result. The pot attaches easily to the brush, you don't have to hold your detergent in the other hand and thus stay focused on effective cleaning. On the other hand, the water flow switch helps you regulate the water supply and thus limit consumption during cleaning. All its accessories are removable and attach easily, so you can choose the parts you need when cleaning.

Kit de brosse de nettoyage pliable pour voiture - Bouteille à mousse amovible et interrupteur à eau - Ozerty

Durable material

If you regularly clean your car and home, a complete all-in-1 kit makes cleaning easier in less time and reduces the number of cleaning products you need! To allow regular cleaning, the cleaning brush is made of durable PVC , resistant to water and wear. It is designed for regular and long-term use.

Kit de brosse de nettoyage pliable pour voiture - Matériau durable - Ozerty

2 modes of use

The retractable car cleaning brush is light and handy . Children can even help you with your household chores. The kit offers 2 modes of use : Simple use of the brush with its handle and the foam pot for cleaning small or precision surfaces. Or by directly connecting your garden hose to the brush handle allowing you to clean larger areas for a longer period of time with a single constant flow of water that you can control as you wish with the water switch . located on the handle.

Kit de brosse de nettoyage pliable pour voiture - 2 modes d'utilisation - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Black, Blue
  • Weight: 220g
  • Head length: 28cm
  • Brush dimensions: 19 cm x 6.5 cm
    Kit de brosse de nettoyage pliable pour voiture - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Car Cleaning Brush

    1 x Foam pot

    1 x water switch

    1 x high pressure sprayer

    Kit de brosse de nettoyage pliable pour voiture - Package - Ozerty

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