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The strong points :

  • Soft cotton
  • 3D printed design
  • Rechargeable
  • Integrated catnip
  • 30CM

This fish toy for cats mimics the appearance and movement of a real fish, giving your feline a chance to practice hunting at home.

Fish toy for cats - different colors available - Ozerty

A fun cat toy

Test your cat's hunting skills without using real fish. This wagging cat toy looks and moves like a real fish, which will amuse and occupy your cat indoors or outdoors like in your garden.

Fish toy for cats - Fun toy for your cat - Ozerty

Realistic appearance

Enjoy a realistic fish design with 3D printing technology. The size of 30 cm of the toy as well as the shape is proportional to that of a real fish. Realistic color work is done to replicate the scales to attract your cat's attention. Additionally, an invisible zipper hides the motor so as not to spoil the overall appearance of the fish. Three realistic models are available: grass carp, goldfish and milkfish. So you can choose the one that you think your cat will like the most. Or why not collect them all?

Fish toy for cats - Realistic appearance

Soft cotton material

This plush fish toy is made of quality PP cotton , cat-safe plush materials and soft velvet fabric without toxic and harmful chemicals. These fabrics allow your cat to bite, chew and play with the fish without hurting it. Because this fish is soft and cozy, it could also be an adorable sleeping companion for your feline.

Fish toy for cats - Soft cotton material - Ozerty

Sensor and battery

This electric fish plush toy is equipped with a sensor and only moves when your cat touches or jumps on it. Upon contact, the toy automatically jumps and wiggles, making a sound and attracting your cat's attention to play with it even more. The stuffed fish is powered by a built-in 5V battery that charges with a USB cable. When fully charged, it can move non-stop for 30 minutes .

Fish toy for cats - Sensor and battery

Aromatic toy for cats

This fish toy contains catnips which emit an odor that attracts cats. This adorable aquatic creature contains built-in catnip that has a fragrant aroma that all cats love. Catnip is an aromatic plant with antioxidants and has calming properties, which helps reduce stress for your four-legged friend!

Fish toy for cats - Catnip - Ozerty

Suitable for all animals

Who said this fish toy is only for cats? This moving fish also works wonders with dogs as they are generally attracted to moving objects. Your young children can also play with this soft toy to familiarize themselves with fish.

Fish toy for cats - Suitable for animals and children - Ozerty

Features :

  • Material: PP cotton and plush
  • Dimensions: 30cm x 15cm x 2cm
  • Weight: Approx: 110g
  • Power supply: USB rechargeable
  • Battery: 5V
  • Charging time: 1H
  • Continuous use time: about 30 minutes

Fish toy for cats - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

  • 1x Fish toy for cat
  • 1x USB Cable

Fish toy for cat - Included in the package - Ozerty

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Customer Reviews

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Ottimo prodotto

Gioco molto divertente per il mio gatto.....glielo do per premio per renderlo felice!

Maria Siracusano

Prodotto soddisfacente

Michela Reali
Pesce ballerino

L'articolo è molto carino ed il servizio buono.

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