Pet harness and leash set

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  • Soft vest-type harness

  • Reflective strips

  • Padded leash handle

  • Velcro and buckle

  • For cats and dogs

This vest harness is comfortable and perfect for your pets such as cats and small dogs!

gilet pour animaux de compagnie | harnais pour animaux de compagnie | harnais pour chats | gilet pour petits chiens - Ozerty

Comfortable pet harness

Do you want to take your cat outside? But are you afraid that he will escape or run into the road? Has your dog ever lost his collar at the park? Does he pull on his leash? Are you afraid he will choke? You won't have to worry about these things anymore!

This secure animal harness is comfortable to wear . This harness is like a comfortable vest that fits as well as clothing. The harness is very easy to put on. It has an adjustable velcro strap and a buckle . It will not restrict your pet's movements. On the other hand, your animal will no longer be able to escape the leash! The harness has two solid rings at the back to attach the leash to.

Pet harnesses are ideal for outdoor activities such as walking, hiking and running. The harness is a padded mesh vest that is breathable . It is designed to fit most cats and dogs. You can take your pet with you wherever you go!

Pet Harness and Leash Set - Comfortable Pet Harness - Ozerty

Why use a vest-shaped pet harness?

Most people know the dangers of using collars on their pets. For example, if a dog pulls too hard on his leash to run in front of his owner, the collar can bruise his neck . In some cases, pulling on his collar can also put pressure on his spine. And then, it is much easier for a dog to escape from a collar than from a harness. Cats also have small necks and with a collar you could easily crush their windpipe if they try to pull on the leash.

Sling harnesses are slightly better since pressure is not placed on the animal's neck. But they can still cut your pet's chest and legs.

In contrast, vest-style harnesses distribute the force evenly across the animal's chest. These harnesses are also safer because it is more difficult for the animal to escape from them. And then your pet will not feel any pressure on his neck. Your pet will be able to walk with you comfortably. The harness vest is quick and easy to put on and take off. You can adjust the vest using the strap to fit your pet perfectly.

Ensemble harnais et laisse pour animaux - Pourquoi utiliser un harnais pour animaux de compagnie en forme de gilet ? - Ozerty

Reflective strips for night walks

Do you take night walks? The pet vest has reflective strips on the edges . Thanks to these, you can locate your animal if you walk without a leash at night. What if your pet gets lost on the road? The reflective harness can also help prevent road accidents. Drivers will be able to see your pet from a distance and will have time to slow down.

The reflective strips will shine in the light of headlights, street lamps or other types of lighting.

Ensemble harnais et laisse pour animaux - Bandes réfléchissantes pour les promenades nocturnes - Ozerty

Suitable for cats and small dogs

You can use this comfortable vest for your cat or dog. Small dogs like chihuahuas, terriers and other breeds will do. You can adjust the vest with the velcro strap to fit your pet. The harness is easy to put on. Simply slide your pet's front paws through the holes and attach the Velcro strap and then attach buckle. Then, simply clip the leash onto the rings and you're ready to go!

The leash will also be very comfortable to hold! It has additional fabric reinforcement at the handle . This way, it won't cut your hands if your pet pulls on the leash.

Ensemble harnais et laisse pour animaux - Convient aux chats et aux petits chiens - Ozerty

Teach your pet to use the harness

Some pets, especially cats, may be afraid the first time you put the harness on them. How can you get them used to walking with the harness? Start by putting the harness on your cat (or dog) for short sessions of around 2 minutes. Pair the harness with enjoyable things, like food, games, or treats.

Do not leave your pet unattended with the harness on at first. Be patient while your cat or dog gets used to it. Once he gets used to it, you can start taking him outside . Taking him to familiar places like the garden or the terrace will be good training at first.

Ensemble harnais et laisse pour animaux - Apprenez à votre animal à utiliser le harnais - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Sizes: small | m | l | xl | 2xl | 3xl
  • Colors: orange and blue | pink and blue | green and orange
  • Fabric: suede fabric
  • Straps: velcro
  • Rings: metal
  • Buckle: plastic
  • Reflective strips: yes
Ensemble harnais et laisse pour animaux - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

1 x pet harness

1 x pet leash

Ensemble harnais et laisse pour animaux - Package - Ozerty

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