Solar Powered Floating Fountain

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  • Solar powered

  • Different nozzles

  • Floats in shallow water

  • Ideal for bird baths or garden ponds

  • Trendy design

Do you want to attract birds to your garden? This pretty little floating water fountain works using a solar panel.

Fontaine d'eau alimentée par énergie solaire | fontaine d'eau flottante - Ozerty

Easy to install garden decoration

This floating fountain is the perfect element to decorate your garden and make it special. You can place it in a bird drinker or in a small tray of water . Do you have a small pond in your garden? or maybe a fish pond? This small fountain will help oxygenate the water , providing your fish with quality water to keep them healthy.

This fountain will be a centerpiece in the decoration of your garden. Of course, it works best in direct sunlight . So think about the amount of sunlight in the place where you plan to place it. You could even float it in the middle of a swimming pool as a decorative element. Your kids will love it!

Solar Powered Floating Fountain - Easy to Install Garden Decoration - Ozerty

Attract birds to your garden

This pretty floating fountain is perfect for attracting local birds to your garden. Float it in a bird bath. The sound of splashing water will attract the attention of these feathered friends from miles around! You could add other decorative elements to your bird drinker, such as pebbles for example. This way, the birds will have a place to drink near the fountain.

Birds also like to bathe in water that is not too deep. Pebbles can also help stabilize your floating fountain so it doesn't move toward the edges of the bird feeder. Make sure there is enough depth for the pump to operate properly.

Fontaine flottante à énergie solaire  - Attirez les oiseaux dans votre jardin - Ozerty

No additional power source is needed

The water fountain runs on solar energy . It is equipped with a quality circular solar panel , from which the small pump obtains its energy. You don't have to worry about cables, power outlets or batteries. You won't have to worry about turning it on and off either! This water fountain will automatically turn on whenever there is sunshine. Remember that shaded areas will not provide the best conditions for your fountain to operate.

Fontaine flottante à énergie solaire  - Aucune source d'énergie supplémentaire n'est nécessaire - Ozerty

Creates a relaxing atmosphere

Don't you love the sound of running water? With this solar fountain you can generate the relaxing effects of a small stream at home. Close your eyes and imagine streaming water tumbling over smooth stones between green, shady banks of a small mountain river. Make your fountain a real key element of your garden. It will create a calming atmosphere. You can even use it on a small terrace or balcony ! Enjoy the relaxing effects of trickling water, even if you have a small apartment.

This floating fountain comes with different nozzles . With these nozzles you can create different effects by varying the water output. Depending on the nozzle you use, the height of the water jet will be 30 cm minimum height and 60 cm maximum height .

Fontaine flottante à énergie solaire  - Crée une atmosphère relaxante - Ozerty

Easy to clean and install

Installation is very simple to carry out. You will receive an easy-to-follow installation plan . It will tell you how the parts of the nozzle fit together. Be sure to put the fountain in enough water. This way the pump will always be completely submerged.

Cleaning the pump is easy. The pump housing cover is removed. This will allow you to easily take out the pump and rinse it under a tap. It is also important to rinse the pump housing, including the water inlet. If algae or silt forms on its surface due to photosynthesis, you can remove it by brushing the parts with a small soft brush . Then, simply put the pump back in its case, close the lid and that's it!

It is recommended to change the water in your bird drinker regularly to prevent silt buildup. Note: Your fountain will perform optimally if the solar panel and pump are clean and free of dirt or slime.

Fontaine flottante à énergie solaire  - Facile à nettoyer et à installer - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Black color
  • Solar powered pump: 1.2 W
  • Maximum water height: approximately 45 cm
  • Materials: ABS plastic and polyethylene
  • Size: 13cm
  • Maximum pump flow: 180L/h
Fontaine flottante à énergie solaire  - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

1 x Solar Powered Floating Fountain

4 x nozzles

Fontaine flottante à énergie solaire  - Package - Ozerty

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