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  • Anti-fog film

  • Long-lasting nano coating

  • Glass protection

  • Safe, dazzling driving

  • Universal size

Get clearer vision and stay safe while driving with this anti-fog protective film.

Film protecteur antibrouillard - antiéblouissement - protection du verre - de qualité - Ozerty

Anti-fog protective film

Whatever the weather conditions, this anti-fog protective film will give you clearer vision when you're behind the wheel. It gives you a better view in foggy or rainy weather. Enjoy your car journeys while feeling much safer when traveling.

Anti-fog protective film - Anti-fog protective film - Ozerty

Long-lasting nano coating

The material used to design the nano-coating of this protective film is very robust . This anti-glare protective film will help you make the best decisions while driving. This safety accessory has a long lifespan . It helps keep the rearview mirrors clear in all weather conditions. This protective film is ultra smooth, which prevents raindrops and moisture from remaining on its surface, giving you a clear 360-degree view of the road.

Film protecteur anti-buée - Revêtement nanométrique de longue durée  - Ozerty

Glass protection

This protective film will protect your mirrors from water and dirt. It will also provide them with protection against scratches and damage. No more cleaning your mirrors. The nature of what you will see at the rear of your car thanks to your mirrors will no longer be in doubt. Drive with confidence knowing what you see behind the wheel.

Film protecteur anti-buée - Protection du verre - Ozerty

Safe, dazzling driving

The anti-glare function of this protective film offers you additional security . It will prevent you from being blinded by cars behind you. Driving in the rain or at night is no longer a scary experience.

Film protecteur anti-buée - Une conduite sans danger, sans éblouissement - Ozerty

Universal size

This anti-fog protective film fits all standard size mirrors and side mirrors. It is suitable for any type of vehicle such as cars, trucks, trailers or campers . Make all your vehicles safer and easier to maneuver with this anti-glare film. Cutting the protective film to the size you prefer will not affect its effectiveness.

Film protecteur anti-buée - Taille universelle  - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Materials: PET + nano coating
  • Shape: round, rectangle, oval
  • Ultraviolet ray blocking: 40-60%.
  • Dimensions: round: 9.5cm x 9.5cm oval: 10cm x 15.0cm, rectangle: 17cm x 20cm
Film protecteur anti-buée - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

1 x Anti-Fog Protective Film

Film protecteur anti-buée - Package - Ozerty

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