Measuring scale spoon with LCD display

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  • High quality manufacturing

  • Practical

  • Improved accuracy

  • Easy to use

  • Smart energy saving

Improve your measuring accuracy while cooking with this scale spoon that includes a convenient LED display.

Cuillère à mesurer numérique - Cuillère à balance de mesure avec écran LCD - Cuillère à mesurer LCD - Ozerty

Portable and convenient

Do you like to cook? You are probably aware of a major problem with measurement tools. Most often, they are very heavy and inconvenient to move. This is usually due to their large size. You've probably already taken a heavy scale out of the cupboard just to measure a food item. However, you don't have to use those big, impractical scales when there is a better alternative. Use this measuring spoon when you need to weigh small quantities! It is light, compact and very portable . This means you can easily move it from one place to another without any hassle. It will even easily find its place in the drawer with your other kitchen utensils!

Measuring Scale Spoon with LCD Display - Portable and Practical - Ozerty

High quality manufacturing

It goes without saying that any equipment or tools that come into contact with your food must be of high quality. It must also be certified as compliant with food standards to ensure your safety. That's why this LCD measuring spoon is made from high quality materials . These materials ensure that the spoon is safe for contact with food. They also guarantee great durability.

Cuillère à balance de mesure avec écran LCD - Fabrication de haute qualité - Ozerty

Improved measurement accuracy

The importance of precision in any culinary endeavor cannot be overemphasized. The difference between a well-cooked, flavorful meal and a mediocre-tasting meal is often a matter of precision. In many recipes, you must weigh each ingredient before you start cooking, even the smallest amounts of spices. There is no better tool to use for this weighing than this LCD measuring spoon. The measuring spoon combines automatic reading lock with a large LCD screen to ensure accurate and precise measurements every time.

Cuillère à balance de mesure avec écran LCD - Précision de mesure améliorée - Ozerty

Easy to use

Although fun, cooking can also be a very stressful activity. The number of things you need to write down and track simultaneously can sometimes be overwhelming. This is one of the reasons why kitchen appliances or tools should be as simple to use as possible. This helps ensure that they don't add to the stress of cooking, but rather alleviate it. In this regard, this measuring spoon is no different. It is very easy to use , which makes measuring convenient. To use it:
-Select your preferred unit of measurement.
- Put whatever you want to weigh on the spoon.
- Wait for the weight reading to stabilize and check the weight.
That's all! No stress at all.

Cuillère à balance de mesure avec écran LCD - Facile à utiliser - Ozerty

Smart energy saving

One of the features that sets this food measuring tool apart from others is its smart power saving feature. Like many other food measuring tools, this LCD measuring spoon is battery powered. But did you know that this measuring spoon has a function to extend battery life? How? This measuring spoon automatically turns off when not in use. This saves battery life and therefore cost.

Cuillère à balance de mesure avec écran LCD - Économie d'énergie intelligente - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Capacity: 500g
  • LCD display
  • Product net weight: 46g
  • Product size: 23cm x 5.8cm x 3cm
  • Material: ABS
  • Unit: g, oz, c, gn
  • Functions: Tare, Lock, Reset, Auto Power Off
  • Color: White, Black, Yellow, Green, Pink
    Cuillère à balance de mesure avec écran LCD - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Digital Measuring Spoon

    Cuillère à balance de mesure avec écran LCD - Package - Ozerty

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