Set of adhesive wall hooks

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  • No-drill option

  • Versatile

  • High quality design

  • Easy to use

  • Safe

Easily and securely hang your household items without having to drill into walls with these adhesive wall hooks.

Crochets muraux à base collante - Crochets muraux robustes et auto-adhésifs - Crochets de rangement pour la maison - Ozerty

No-drill option

Are your household items starting to take up a lot of space? Does your home always look cluttered no matter how much time and effort you put into tidying up? It's probably time to consider hanging up some of these items. However, this presents another problem: most wall hooks available for sale these days are designed to be drilled. This means that you won't be able to use them without causing even minimal damage to the walls of your home. What if you had another option that gave you the same benefits as a traditional wall hook, but without the drilling part? That would be great, right? Well, that's exactly what you get with these nail-free wall hooks.

Instead of having to hammer nails into the wall, these hooks have a sticky base design that allows them to stick strongly to walls. You won't need to drill any holes!

Set of adhesive wall hooks - No-drill option - Ozerty


Traditional wall hooks, while useful, present a problem. You cannot use them on materials or surfaces that are not thick enough. This is because you generally have to drill them to a considerable depth into the surface to which you wish to attach them. This means, of course, that you cannot use them on fragile or thin materials, which limits their use.

However, these sticky base wall hooks have an advantage in this regard. How? They do not require any form of drilling. Instead, they rely on the strong grip of the base. This means that you can use them on almost any surface and almost any material , including the most fragile ones like plaster and gypsum walls.

Lot de crochets muraux adhésifs - Polyvalents - Ozerty

High quality design

You're probably thinking, "Are these hooks really so cool and useful? Will the things I hang stay safe?" The answer to these questions is YES! How? This adhesive wall hook has a high-quality design that ensures whatever you hang will stay secure. The hooks have adhesive properties that ensure they stick immediately and firmly to any surface you place them on.

The adhesive strength also means the hooks can easily carry materials up to 8kg in weight. But that's not all. The hooks are also very sturdy . This means they won't break easily when you hang your items.

Lot de crochets muraux adhésifs - Conception de haute qualité - Ozerty

Easy to install

Another reason why you should definitely make these adhesive hooks your primary hanging solution is that they are easy and convenient to install . Installing traditional hooks can be quite difficult and stressful, as you may need to use drilling tools or manually hammer the hooks. However, these hooks don't require any of that.

To install and use these hooks, simply follow the steps below:
- Remove the protective film from the back of each hook you want to use.
- Press the hook firmly onto the surface you want to install it on.
- Then you just need to wait for a few hours to allow the hooks to attach firmly to the surface.

That's all! Still, you should try to eliminate all the air bubbles when you attach the hook to the wall surface.

Lot de crochets muraux adhésifs - Faciles à installer - Ozerty


One of the main reasons that make these hooks an attractive option is that they are very secure. They do not require hammering or the use of drilling tools. This makes them safe to install . The absence of any sharp edges also means they are safe to use .

Lot de crochets muraux adhésifs - Sûrs - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: PC plastic
  • Hook width: 1.9cm, 2.5cm
  • Options: Lot of 10pcs, 20pcs or 30pcs
  • Hook width: 1.9cm, 2.5cm
    Lot de crochets muraux adhésifs - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x set of adhesive wall hooks

    Lot de crochets muraux adhésifs - Package - Ozerty

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