Gel foot bunion corrector

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  • Reduces pain caused by bunions

  • Soft gel toe spacer

  • Breathable and elastic fabric

  • Comfortable to wear with shoes

  • Gel cushion positioned on the side of the foot

Are you tired of painful bunions? This orthopedic gel bunion corrector can help active people with mild to severe pain caused by bunions on their feet.

 correcteur d'oignons en gel | redresseur d'orteils | soulagement de la douleur des oignons - Ozerty

Effective pain relief from bunions

Do you suffer from bunions on your feet? When bunions get worse, they can be debilitating. These gel bunion correctors effectively reduce pain by aligning and straightening the big toe. This reduces pressure on the other toes. Many users have noticed relief from accumulated tension and pain after using it. You may notice a reduction in inflammation that causes pain around your toe joint.

Foot bunions are deformations of the bone structure of the foot. They appear at the base of the big toe joint. A bunion will begin to appear as a bump on the side of the foot, at the base of the big toe. This deformity can cause severe pain due to the additional growth of the bone. The big toe begins to put inward pressure on the second toe. A bunion corrector can help prevent bunions from forming . It can also reduce the size of the bump on the side of the foot. As it straightens the big toe, the other toes can realign themselves. This improves the way your foot hits the ground.

Gel Foot Bunion Corrector - Effective Pain Relief from Bunions - Ozerty

Comfortable and easy to use

This toe corrector helps gently reposition the big toe towards a more natural alignment, helping to separate the toes. When you put it on, make sure your big toe is straight and in line with the other toes. The entire irritated area must be protected by the concealer.

It can reduce pain from shoe friction while improving your balance. With its beige color, it remains discreet. This soft toe separator is comfortable to wear with shoes , so you can go about your business pain-free. Its stretchy elastic material is made in such a way that it is easy to walk in and fits most feet. It is also easy and quick to put on.

Correcteur d'oignons de pieds en gel - Confortable et facile à utiliser - Ozerty

Good quality and durability

This foot bunion corrector is made from a lightweight, breathable elastic fabric . You will benefit from great freedom of movement. This elastic fabric also provides enough tension to support your feet and help reduce pain.

The toe separator is made of silicone gel . It's smooth, soft, and feels like rubber, so it won't irritate your skin . The corrector also has another silicone gel pad covering the side of the foot, inside the fabric. This covers and protects the bunion joint from friction from your shoes. It is well made and is built to last.

Correcteur d'oignons de pieds en gel - Bonne qualité et durabilité - Ozerty

When can it be used?

When should you use a bunion corrector? According to experts, they can be helpful when you start to feel pain at the base of the big toe joint. What about more advanced cases? If the entire joint and surrounding area is sore and your other toes are already affected, a gel corrector can help reduce pain and swelling . It won't fix bunions, especially in severe cases, but it can ease the pain. Many have found that it helps them live a more normal lifestyle without pain.

Wear the toe straightener with your shoes. You can put it on and take it off in seconds. It fits almost all types of shoes . It's perfect for walking, running and cycling, as well as other activities. Painful bunions can also make it difficult to sleep. You can use it at bedtime to get a better night's sleep . We recommend wearing them with socks at night so that the toe separator does not move out of place.

Correcteur d'oignons de pieds en gel - Quand peut-on l'utiliser ? - Ozerty

How to maintain your bunion corrector?

If you live in a warmer climate, your feet may sweat more than normal. Likewise, if you wear closed-toe shoes for long periods of time, your feet may also become hot or humid. To prevent fungus and bacteria from growing on your bunion corrector, be sure to wash it often. Some people wash it after each use .

Wash it by hand with soap and water. Strong sunlight could damage the gel and elastic fabric, so it is best to let it dry in the shade . This way, you can continue to use it for as long as necessary.

Correcteur d'oignons de pieds en gel - Comment entretenir votre correcteur d'oignon ? - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Size: universal size
  • Material: silicone gel and elastic lycra fabric
  • Beige
Correcteur d'oignons de pieds en gel - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

1 x Left Foot Bunion Corrector

1 x Right Foot Bunion Corrector

Correcteur d'oignons de pieds en gel - Package - Ozerty

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