Complete set of fitness resistance bands (11 pieces)

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  • 5 resistance levels

  • Resistant up to 70 kg

  • Lightweight and transportable

  • Made from 100% latex

  • Multi-purpose

Enjoy a workout anywhere with this set of 11 resistance bands.

Bandes de résistance fitness avec poignées. Cordes de traction pour i'entraînement. Accessoires d'exercice - Ozerty

Solid and Adjustable

Integrate fitness into your lifestyle. This complete set of resistance bands contains 5 different elastic pull ropes to make exercising easy wherever you go. The bands come in different colors and resistances: yellow (5kg), red (8kg), blue (12kg), green (18kg) and finally black (22kg). Each strip measures 92cm long . Use them alone or stack them together to create more resistance. The bands have a total resistance capacity of 70kg.

Complete set of fitness resistance bands (11 pieces) - Strong and Adjustable - Ozerty

Multifunctional fitness bands

Fitness bands are versatile and practical for performing different types of workouts . They are suitable for toning your chest, arms, legs, glutes and all the muscles of the body.
These fitness bands are easy to use , and can be used as dumbbells, kettlebells or other gym equipment while you're on the go. These strips are perfect for people who are constantly traveling or have limited storage space in their home.

Ensemble complet de bandes de résistance fitness (11 pièces) - Bandes de fitness multifonctionnelles - Ozerty

Portable exercise equipment

Exercise anytime and anywhere. These lightweight workout bands are convenient to carry and come with a travel pouch. Put them in your car, bag or suitcase. This easy-to-carry fitness accessory will help you stay fit whether in the office, gym, hotel, outdoors or at the beach.

Ensemble complet de bandes de résistance fitness (11 pièces) - Équipement d'exercice portable - Ozerty

Durable materials

These resistance bands are made 100% with strong, eco-friendly latex . This latex is strong and resistant to wear and it offers excellent elasticity, so you can use these bands daily. Each band is equipped with a non-slip handle that absorbs sweat, prevents bad odors and is comfortable to hold. The elastic bands also feature a D-ring to securely attach them to any surface.

Ensemble complet de bandes de résistance fitness (11 pièces) - Matériaux résistants - Ozerty

Complete set

Get the most out of every workout. Designed for athletes of all levels, this kit includes everything you need to start exercising. This set of 11 fitness bands comes with strong quick links, straps and handles, straps for your ankles and other accessories. It also comes with an instruction manual that will explain the different ways to use your fitness bands. Use them for weightlifting, stretching, leg exercises and even yoga.

Ensemble complet de bandes de résistance fitness (11 pièces) - Ensemble complet - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Latex
  • Length: 92cm
  • Resistance: yellow (5kg), red (8kg), blue (12kg), green (18kg), black (22kg).
Ensemble complet de bandes de résistance fitness (11 pièces) - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

5 x latex bands

2 x cushioned handles

2 x ankle straps

1 x door anchor

1 x carrying pouch

Ensemble complet de bandes de résistance fitness (11 pièces) - Package - Ozerty

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