4 LED horticultural growth lamps

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  • 3 types of lighting

  • Auto-off timer

  • 5 brightness levels

  • Waterproof IP66 standard

  • 360 degree adjustable

Cultivate a real vegetable garden in your apartment thanks to these 4 horticultural LED growth lamps with lighting and adjustable brightness.

Lampe LED de croissance d'intérieur à 4 tête à spectre complet | Lampe horticole plantes - Ozerty

Full Spectrum LED

Plants add beauty to indoor spaces, but they also need the right spectrum of light for their development. With these 4 indoor LED grow lights , you can grow a mini vegetable garden or a vegetable or flower garden in your apartment or house. The full spectrum lamp provides the right combination of blue light and red light for optimal plant growth. Blue light enhances chlorophyll formation for healthier stems and leaves.

On the other hand, red light is essential for early seedling development and germination .

The USB LED grow light has 54 mini LED lights , specifically 36 red and 18 blue , with 3 lighting options . The red and blue switch makes it easy to switch between red-only lighting and blue-only lighting and a combination of both. 5 variable brightness options suit every stage of plant growth, from seedling to flowering. With a wavelength range of 460nm~622nm , these LED grow lights will meet the needs of all types of plants.

4 LED horticultural growth lights - Full spectrum LED - Ozerty

Automatic timer

Do you forget to turn your grow lights on or off? Featuring a dual automatic timer (on/off), you only need to set the timer once, and the LEDs will turn off or on automatically. Full spectrum grow lights have 3 timer cycles : 4 hours, 8 hours and 12 hours. This helps avoid excessive or insufficient lighting. You can adjust the lighting times and intervals according to the needs of your plants. You now benefit from an effective method to encourage the growth of your indoor vegetable garden!

4 Lampes LED de croissance horticole - Minuteur automatique - Ozerty

Waterproof and durable

Made of aluminum and PVC , these 4 LED horticultural plant lights are durable and lightweight , with increased heat dissipation capacity. The exterior is waterproof to IP66 , so you can leave the lamp on while watering the plants. Thanks to a sturdy metal clip , this plant light is easy to install on any surface or support with a thickness of 7.6 cm. The pliers provide a reliable grip for extended use. The 360 ​​degree flexible stem allows the 4 LED lamp heads to be adjusted to any lighting direction or area. This indoor gardening tool also has several certifications, including CE, ROHS, FCC and PSE. When used continuously, the LED lamp has a tested lifespan of 50,000 hours .

4 Lampes LED de croissance horticole - Étanches et résistantes - Ozerty

Low energy consumption

The 4-head plant growth light consumes low power with a maximum power of 27W , input voltage of 5V. Because LED lights operate at a lower temperature than traditional plant lights, growers have better control over the temperature and the plant's exposure to heat. The LEDs have an operating temperature of 20 to 40 degrees , with self-regulated cooling and adjustable activity cycles (4 - 8 and 12 hours) to reduce energy consumption.

4 Lampes LED de croissance horticole - Basse consommation énergetique - Ozerty

Easy installation

The LED grow light is intuitive, even for beginners. To get started, connect the adapter to the device and plug it into the nearest electrical outlet. The tube is practical and flexible. Budding growers can adjust the height and tilt of the LEDs to achieve optimal lighting distance and direction as needed. You can attach it to any surface or place it in the middle of your indoor plantings and vegetable gardens. The included control panels feature simple, detailed buttons to adjust the timer, light color, brightness and other essential functions with simple adjustments.

4 Lampes LED de croissance horticole - Installation facile - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Aluminum and PVC
  • Quantity of LEDs: 54 (36 red and 18 blue)
  • Consumption: 27W
  • Lighting range: 2 to 3 m2
  • Certification: CE ROHS FCC PSE
    4 Lampes LED de croissance horticole - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1x 4-head LED grow light

    1x USB power cable

    1x Instructions for use

    4 Lampes LED de croissance horticole - Package - Ozerty

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