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  • Lightweight and portable

  • Flexible

  • Versatile

  • A simple design

  • Easy to use

Easily and safely secure and organize your keys and tools using this colorful and flexible key holder.

Porte-clés en fil métallique - Porte-clés en fil métallique coloré - Porte-clés en fil métallique flexible  - Ozerty

Lightweight and portable

You've probably seen many different keychains before. Some are very sophisticated and high quality, while others are more or less ordinary. But as insignificant as it may seem, making the wrong choice of an item to use as a keychain can make you feel uncomfortable in many ways. For example, if the keychain is too heavy, chances are you will find it difficult to carry.

For heavy key fobs, you will always be tempted to take it out of your bag or pocket, which can lead to you losing your keys. However, this durable wire keychain is designed to be as light as possible . It is easy to carry.

Flexible Wire Keychain Set - Lightweight and Portable - Ozerty


Most key fobs are either metal or plastic. Although these keychains are generally designed to be as durable as possible, they have one major limitation: they are often not flexible enough. Metal keyrings tend to either harden with prolonged use or weaken and break suddenly like plastic keyrings.

This is a real responsibility to have since you can lose your keys at any time. However, this practical wire key ring stands out in this aspect. It is made from a sturdy yet flexible metal wire that allows you to bend it freely without worrying about it breaking. In fact, it's so flexible that you can even use it to bind paper.

Lot de porte-clés en fil métallique flexible - Flexibles - Ozerty

Durable and versatile

In addition to being very easy to use, this flexible key ring is also extremely durable . It's so strong that it can even be used to securely hang several other LARGER items like flashlights and pliers. But that's not all, you can also connect multiple wires to come up with a much larger wire. This long string of wires will also stay strong and not suddenly disconnect or break. It will be perfect for hanging your tools.

Lot de porte-clés en fil métallique flexible - Durables et polyvalents - Ozerty

A simple and effective design

People often opt for more sophisticated or complex items over simpler, more ordinary items. These preferences are most often driven by the belief that increased complexity and sophistication equals increased efficiency. Although this is often true, there are situations where the opposite is true. Here is one of those situations!

This flexible wire keyring has a simple yet effective design that makes it a very reliable keyring option for you. Additionally, it is also available in several different colors. This means you can even easily match colors to your items. Cool, isn't it?

Lot de porte-clés en fil métallique flexible - Une conception simple et efficace - Ozerty

Easy to use

If you've ever tried to add a key into one of those ordinary steel key rings, you know exactly how difficult it can be. Sometimes you may even have sore fingers after this attempt. But the process doesn't have to be that difficult. In fact, it can be much easier. How? With this colorful wire keychain, of course! The keyring has a very simple design, which means it's easy to insert the wire into your keys . Just undo the connector and put in your keys. Once that's done, simply screw the connector back in to lock it in place. This prevents your keys from coming loose.

Lot de porte-clés en fil métallique flexible - Faciles à utiliser - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Materials: Stainless steel, PVC
  • Size: 1.5mm thick x 50mm long
  • Color: Random
    Lot de porte-clés en fil métallique flexible - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    Choice 1: 20x Wire Keychains

    Choice 2: 40x Wire Keychains

    Choice 3: 60x Wire Keychains

    Lot de porte-clés en fil métallique flexible - Package - Ozerty

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