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  • Unique and fun

  • Excellent protection

  • High quality

  • Reusable

  • Comfortable to wear

Protect yourself adequately from smoke or flu and prank your friends with this excellent prank mask.

Masque de farce - Masque buccal tendance - Masque imprimé élastique - Ozerty

Unique and fun

Face masks are extremely common these days. However, most of them have the same generic design. The only variations you are likely to see are different colors. What if there was a face mask that not only gave you the same level of protection as traditional masks, but was also unique and fun to wear? That would be pretty cool, right?

That's precisely what you get with this prank face mask. This face mask is printed with different types of faces, making it super fun to wear. You can wear this mask and leave your friends unable to tell who you are, which is perfect for scaring them easily. This unique and fun design ensures that this mask is very different from the usual, generic masks.

Prank Mask - Unique and Fun - Ozerty

Excellent protection

As we mentioned above, this prank face mask is a wonderfully fun mask option. However, beyond that, there is also the functional aspect. You see, aside from being fun to wear, it also provides excellent protection comparable to what you'll get using traditional masks. In fact, this mask could protect you and prevent you from inhaling dust, smoke, cold, flu, pollen, etc. So if you're worried that this mask will sacrifice safety for fun, now you know that's not the case. On the contrary, it offers you both!

Masque de farce - Excellente protection - Ozerty

High quality manufacturing

Now you may be wondering how this face mask can provide high levels of protection while still being fun and comfortable to wear. The answer to that question, of course, is its high-quality manufacturing . This face mask has two different layers that are soft and high quality. This ensures that your face remains well protected from particles. This face mask also has a stretchy design that makes it more comfortable to wear.

Masque de farce - Fabrication de haute qualité - Ozerty


This is one of the features of this prank face mask that makes it unique and better than other traditional masks. People often don't wash regular masks, like surgical masks, because they are quite fragile. Additionally, washing them could interfere with the level and extent of protection they provide. So once they get dirty, people just throw them away.

However, this face mask is different! Due to its high-quality design, this face mask is durable and stretchable . It is also compatible with water. This means that instead of paying extra to frequently replace your face masks, you can simply buy this one and wash it as soon as it gets dirty. Its flexible design ensures that it won't tear while you're washing it, and you'll still be able to enjoy the same level of protection it provides once it's dried.

Masque de farce - Réutilisable - Ozerty

Comfortable to wear

Seeing as face masks are worn for extended periods of time, it makes sense that they should be as convenient to wear as possible. That's why this face mask has an elastic design . This ensures that you will always be able to adjust it until it is perfectly comfortable for you. The soft fabric also helps maintain the breathability of the mask and does not cause skin irritation. So, as long as you are not sensitive to certain fabrics, you should be very comfortable.

Masque de farce - Confortable à porter - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Polyester blend
  • Styles: 7 different styles
    Masque de farce - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Mouth mask

    Masque de farce - Package - Ozerty

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